A smart train


Jakob Weets, the company founder, recognized at an early stage the potential of alternative modes of transport. In import and export, Weets Bahntransport GmbH connects Kassel and Ingolstadt sites with the German seaports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven by train. Container depots in Germany are used for the provision of empty containers and the temporary storage of full containers. Quay dues can thereby largely be avoided. Regular goods flowing to and from Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary are handled together with long-standing and reliable partners.

DB Cargo takes over the haulage of rail transportation. The Weets Group is responsible for transportation planning and utilization. For many customers, the combination of ship and rail offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to truck direct transportation. In each year around 210,000 TEU are moved. Customers from a wide range of business sectors appreciate the railbound hinterland service. Due to the high frequency of our train service, the ship's departures and arrivals can be timed almost precisely.

In addition to numerous direct trains, the Maschen shunting yard, which is located south of Hamburg, is used by Weets as a hub. This allows not only direct operation of the major seaport terminals such as EUROGATE, CTA, CTT and BURCHARDKA but also other terminals such as REMAIN, SWT, SCHUPPEN 48 and HCS. Thanks to these direct connections, truck transportation in the Port of Hamburg can be reduced, which leads, among other things, to a reduction in emissions and environmental pollution.

Logistic from A to Z

  • Forwarder

    This can be any desired loading location. We also offer seaworthy packing of your goods.

  • Transportation to the port
    Transportation to the port

    The transport of your goods can be carried out with different means of transport. We offer transport by truck, railway or barge.

  • Export customs clearance
    Export customs clearance

    We will be happy to provide you with export customs clearance. So that the goods can be sent safely and without problems.

  • Sea freight
    Sea freight

    We organize overseas transportation with reliable partners in order to guarantee a consistently secure transport chain.

  • Harbour services
    Harbour services

    We will take care of a variety of services (value added services) for you. We organize and supervise your transport.

  • Import duty
    Import duty

    With various customs procedures, we can find the right one for your goods. We ensure the smooth running of your shipment.

  • Transportation

    Transportation can be carried out directly to the recipient using various means of transport. Interim storage is also possible.

  • Storage

    We offer storage space (indoor and outdoor) of 50,000 m², plus office and communal areas. A 4,000 m² customs warehouse completes the package.

  • Assembly

    We have experience with assembly activities and are happy to offer you this service.

  • Quality control
    Quality control

    Quality control is important! We also have experience in this area that we will happily provide.

  • Commissioning

    The compiling of certain partial amounts and goods from a total amount is part of our everyday business.


    We offer JIT (Just in Time) and JIS (Just in Sequence) transportation. Years of experience make us a reliable service provider in this area.