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Am 9. Juni 2023 wurde der Emder Drehbuchpreis 2023 in der Johannes a Lasco Bibliothek feierlich übergeben! Nachdem Ausschnitte aus den drei nominierten Drehbüchern vorgetragen wurden, übergab unsere Mitarbeiterin Sarina Bretzler den Drehbuchpreis. 🎉
Herzlichen Glückwunsch an die Gewinnerin Kimia Eyzad Panah mit ihrem Drehbuch "Goldfisch im Dunkeln" ✨🥳

Wir danken dem gesamten Team vom Filmfest sowie allen weiteren Beteiligten! Es war eine tolle Festivalzeit mit schönen Erlebnissen. Wir freuen uns schon jetzt auf das Filmfest 2024! 😍🤗

Logistic from A to Z


This can be any desired loading location. We also offer seaworthy packing of your goods.

Transportation to the port

The transport of your goods can be carried out with different means of transport. We offer transport by truck, railway or barge.

Export customs clearance

We will be happy to provide you with export customs clearance. So that the goods can be sent safely and without problems.

Sea freight

We organize overseas transportation with reliable partners in order to guarantee a consistently secure transport chain.

Harbour services

We will take care of a variety of services (value added services) for you. We organize and supervise your transport.

Import duty

With various customs procedures, we can find the right one for your goods. We ensure the smooth running of your shipment.


Transportation can be carried out directly to the recipient using various means of transport. Interim storage is also possible.


We offer storage space (indoor and outdoor) of 50,000 m², plus office and communal areas. A 4,000 m² customs warehouse completes the package.


We have experience with assembly activities and are happy to offer you this service.

Quality control

Quality control is important! We also have experience in this area that we will happily provide.


The compiling of certain partial amounts and goods from a total amount is part of our everyday business.


We offer JIT (Just in Time) and JIS (Just in Sequence) transportation. Years of experience make us a reliable service provider in this area.